Cannaport: Washington's Premier i-502 Logistics Company

Our goal is to help leverage our experience in distribution to relieve the everyday pressures of running a company so you can focus on your top-line rather than worry about your bottom-line.  Our logistics team has 25+ years of logistical experience aggregately, we are the most transparent, fast acting and reliable service within the i-502 industry.  Working with us allows allows you to tap into our network of producer/processors and retailers which can help us grow together.  

225+ Retailers Delivered

0 Products Lost

Real-Time GPS Tracking

0 Retail Bans


Logistics allows you to move products throughout the state in a hassle-free, safe and transparent manner. 

Features Include:

  • Real-Time Product Tracking

  • 24/7 Customer Service

  • Same-Day Deliveries


Partnerships allow you to become a member within our network where you can  meet and connect with others.

Features Include:

  • Introductions to Partners

  • Sale Opportunities

  • Member Exclusive Opportunities


Marketing allows you to utilize our channels to build better brand recognition. 

Features Include:

  • Product and Brand Reviews

  • Website Advertising

  • Influencer Partnerships