Who We Are

A premier 3rd Party Logistics Company

After seeing the legalization of recreational marijuana, Max Hsiao realized that the marijuana industry has infinite opportunity for growth.  However, despite all the positive energy geared towards growth, we realized that one of the components the industry was lacking was a cheap, reliable and flexible supply chain company that sought to help rise companies through their innovative logistical and technology solution. 


This company today is Cannaport.  As a 3rd party logistics company, we aim to offer the highest customer service and flexibility for our partners.  With around the clock support, our goal is to allow our clients to be able to easily and effectively communicate their needs.  We are an extension of our clients, so each of our drivers are trained to be professionals.  We ensure our drivers are dressed neatly, are timely and efficient.  We have the highest expectations for drivers to ensure products are not only delivered, but also delivered with respect. 

At the end of the day, we are as strong as the producers and processors are in this industry.  We are working tirelessly to figure out how we can better support each individual partner for success.  At the end, we want our partners to focus at what they are good at, and leave the logistics to us.