Brand awareness is crucial to develop your product for growth


Figuring out how to maximize your growth potential.

Our approach is simple. As a third party transporter, we want our partners to thrive as much as possible.  As a result, we have our own platform to reach out to consumers and budtenders to better educate themselves about products.  We collaborate with budtenders to document actual experiences and so that people are able to have an accessible resource to evaluate specific products from specific producers.  Better visibility is ideal for everyone, and our goal is to create a resource that everyone is able to access and use. 

We take a different approach when we evaluate products.  We are a product first company.  Unlike other web resources, we start with brands and their product.  Each brand has a different approach to their products, and as a result the product will have different effects.  By doing so, we give our partners better visibility throughout the consumer and budtender community, and educate people of the variety of effects and experiences different people have with different grow styles, despite the same strain(s). 


Placing the products as the center of attention.

Apart from evaluating product, we also want people to be able to use the platform to better understand what some of the effects of variety of products will be.  By having an ongoing compiled list, we can have a more comprehensive list of the effects and people will be able to use it as a resource to better understand the various effects of using products. 


Informing people what the effects of a variety of products are.