Cannaport strives for simplicity and transparency

What to expect during the logistics process

Reach Out

Reach out to us, and we'll call to discuss what your current needs are and how we can work with you to address those needs.  We'll take down details such as location, product types, average load size etc.  This allows us to properly plan deliveries when they occur. 

Schedule Delivery

Once we have all the information, we'll schedule a delivery.  During this process, expect continuous updates and communication until the delivery has completed.  You'll have full visibility over what is happening and have access to real-time tracking of the products. 


Afterwards, we'll follow-up and try to determine how we can best help each other get to the next steps.  Whether it is through marketing or sales, we want to collaborate with all our partners to help fuel growth. 

Information to have readily available

Company Name

Point of Contact(s) Number and Email

Company Address (For pickups)

Typical Delivery Locations

Average Volume (Terms of totes, not dollars)

Point of Contact(s) Name and Position

Preferred Method of Contact

Product Type (Bulk, Oil, Flower)

Typical Delivery Frequency (Estimate)