Retailer Partnerships

We prioritize creating value with our retail partners.

Better Scheduling and Oversight

Our network allows you have more predictable scheduling.  We can directly coordinate with producers/processors and give predictions day and time you should be receiving your products.  Not only that, but we update you with our current location.

Network Pricing

Our partnered producers/processors have exclusive Cannaport powered products that allows us to give you exclusive pricing to certain products offered by your favorite P/P.  This allows you to gain access to exclusive products at a partnered rate. 

Budtender Resource

The most important piece to retail is to provide your customers with what they want.  We want to be able to provide you with exclusive budtender content that allows your employees to see actual reviews of specific products to gain an understanding of effects.  No two products are the same, and we want to be able to give your budtenders and customers the most accurate information that we can. 

Expansive Network

We want to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all your ordering needs.  Instead of using the plethora of platforms on the market, we want to centralize and give you an easy way to order products to save your time and resources.